The Consortium

We are delighted to announce that a new academic association, ACERE – the Australasian Consortium for Entrepreneurship Research Excellence (Incorporated) – has been establish in 2024. This new association will now assume the role of running the ACERE conference from the stewardship of QUT and, more broadly, promote entrepreneurship and innovation scholarship and teaching in Australasia.   

Our Purpose

To establish the association as the preeminent authority in entrepreneurship and innovation research, teaching and practice within Australia, with influence extending to neighbouring New Zealand and Asia. ACERE is designed to foster the growth, resilience, and enrichment of the entrepreneurship and innovation research, teaching and practice community foremost across Australia, and the region.

Collaborating with this association offers universities, government departments and agencies, other not-for-profit organisations, and companies the opportunity to leverage the ACERE conference for enhancing their reputation, expanding their networks, and actively contributing to the progress of entrepreneurship and innovation research, teaching and practice. This collective strength enables us to influence policy, pursue joint funding opportunities, and play a pivotal role in shaping the innovation and entrepreneurship landscape within our region.

In addition to solidifying our position as the foremost academic conference on entrepreneurship and innovation in the region, we envision establishing a comprehensive association. This endeavour includes the possible creation of an academic journal, a knowledge-sharing platform, and development activities tailored for early-career and mid-level researchers and professionals, among other initiatives.

Our Objectives

  1. Foster a Sustainable and Impactful Conference that is developmental in character:
    1. Ensure the continued success and positive impact of the ACERE Conference on the entrepreneurship and innovation community, providing developmental opportunities for early-career, mid-career and senior academics to advance their research and teaching.
    2. Maintain the conference as a platform for knowledge exchange, research advancements, and networking opportunities in the entrepreneurship and innovation community.
  1. Strengthen and Enrich the Australasian Entrepreneurship and Innova􀆟on Research Community:

a.                   Expand the reach and engagement of the entrepreneurship and innovation research and practice community in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

b.                  Facilitate collaboration, knowledge exchange, and research advancements among researchers, practitioners, and industry stakeholders.

c.                   Develop and implement initiatives to enhance the quality of research and teaching and learning in entrepreneurship and innovation.

d.                  Provide professional development opportunities for researchers, educators and practitioners to continuously improve their knowledge and skills in the field.

e.                   Support and recognize outstanding contributions to research, teaching and learning in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Please see our constitution here.

Our History and Vision

Twenty one years ago, a visionary group of entrepreneurship academics, led by Murray Gillin, crafted a vision for an exchange of entrepreneurship scholars to advance knowledge and impact on entrepreneurship and innovation policy and practice. Initially hosted at Swinburne University, the conference later moved to QUT, where Per Davidsson transformed it into a renowned event for developing the next generation of entrepreneurship scholars, connecting them with the global entrepreneurship community. We thank QUT and Swinburne for their stewardship of this conference – and are indebted to Murray Gillin, Alex Maritz, Per Davidsson, Martin Obschonka, and Rui Torres de Oliveira as past organisers and champions of the conference.

Under the guidance of incoming president Paul Steffens and a newly established committee, Rui Torres de Oliveira, Sam Tavassoli, Anna Krzeminska, Mile Terziovski and Maw Der Foo, ACERE has now become an independent association that connects universities across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. This milestone represents the culmination of a vision set out 20 years ago, emphasizing the importance of collaborative academic exchange.

We also thank all contributors over the years, including Noel Lindsay, Evan Douglas, Kevin Hindle, Howard Federick, Allan O’Connor, John Watson, Morgan Miles, Anna Jenkins, Erik Lundmark, Martin Bliemel, Martie-Louise Verreynne, Scott Gordon, Frederik von Briel, and many more. We also thank international colleagues, Dean Shepherd, Kim Klyver, Sarah Cooper, Marilyn Uy, Maw Der Foo, Pia Arenius, and Andreas Rauch whom have all made regular contribution over the years. 

ACERE will continue to foster collaboration and innovation in entrepreneurship research, supporting scholars and driving impactful research across the region and the world.


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"As an early career researcher, the ACERE 2024 conference has been incredibly beneficial for my personal and professional development. The sessions were highly informative, and I had the chance to meet many like-minded individuals. I would definitely encourage more of my colleagues to attend the conference in the future!"

Participant in 2024 Edition of ACERE