Announcement: Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) at ACERE 2024

We are thrilled to announce the exciting Paper Development Workshops (PDWs) schedule at the upcoming ACERE 2024 conference. These PDWs are designed to provide valuable insights, discussions, and feedback opportunities, and we can’t wait to engage with you in this enriching experience.

Morning Sessions: Kickstart your day with our engaging morning sessions, featuring 20-minute presentations from each of the four prestigious journals:

  1. Journal of International Business Studies (JIBS)
  2. Academy of Management Journal (AMJ)
  3. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal (SEJ)
  4. Journal of World Business (JWB)

These sessions are followed by dynamic Q&A sessions, allowing you to interact with the presenters, ask questions, and dive deep into the latest research trends.

Panel Discussion: Prepare for a thought-provoking panel discussion following the enlightening journal presentations and Q&A sessions. Our panels typically consist of esteemed editors and senior editors from these influential journals, along with distinguished experts including Dean Shepherd, Per Davidsson, Ajai Gaur, Shaker Zahra, Mathew Grimes, Karl Wennberg, and Sophie Bacq. They will delve into topics of paramount importance to our field, offering invaluable insights and perspectives.

Afternoon Round Tables: After a well-deserved lunch break, we transition into our highly interactive round table sessions. These sessions are specifically designed for in-depth discussions and constructive feedback on research papers. With approximately 3 to 4 research papers assigned to each table, you can expect rich and insightful conversations.

What makes our round tables truly exceptional is the diverse composition of each group. At every table, you will find at least one colleague who has made significant contributions to one of the esteemed journals (JIBS, AMJ, SEJ, or JWB), along with authors of the assigned papers.

We, along with our esteemed panel discussants, are dedicated to ensuring that ACERE 2024’s PDWs offer an enriching and engaging experience that will leave you inspired and empowered. Stay tuned for further updates on this remarkable event!

We look forward to welcoming you to ACERE 2024 and sharing this exceptional learning journey with you. Get ready to embrace the world of research, engage with experts, and elevate your scholarly endeavours. See you there!

Martin, Rui, and Jarrod, ACERE 2024 Co-Chairs


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"As an early career researcher, the ACERE 2024 conference has been incredibly beneficial for my personal and professional development. The sessions were highly informative, and I had the chance to meet many like-minded individuals. I would definitely encourage more of my colleagues to attend the conference in the future!"

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