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Sign up as an academic reviewer for the 2021 ACERE conference! A big thank you to everyone who submitted their scholarly work for consideration for the 2021 ACERE conference. The presenting authors for this year’s conference will soon submit their full papers for reviewing.  As in past years we would very much appreciate your assistance […]

Welcome to ACERE 2021!

ACERE 2021 (Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange), which in this year is co-organized by QUT and Bond University, will be held 9 to 12 February 2021. Please note that due to COVID-19 restrictions, ACERE 2021 will be different than the previous ones. The Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research together with the ACERE Academic Committee, […]

ACERE 2021 Abstracts due 17 August 2020

While we acknowledge the level of uncertainty that many entrepreneurship researchers around the world are facing these days we would appreciate abstract submissions being uploaded by 17 August 2020. After this date the ACERE academic committee will meet and be better placed to assess what form of delivery the conference might take. So please join us […]

Call for Abstracts ACERE2021

Please join us for ACERE 2021 (9 to 12 February 2021 in collaboration with this year’s major sponsor Bond University). After careful consideration of the current situation and potential future scenarios, the ACERE Academic Committee decided unanimously that ACERE 2021 will take place. At this point, we cannot provide final details about the delivery of […]

Reflections from the ACERE Chair

ACERE2020, where entrepreneurship researchers from six continents met in Adelaide in early February, is history, but in my role as the chair of the ACERE academic committee, I would like to offer some remarks and reflections on ACERE2020 (Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange; I can also announce that ACERE2021 will take place at […]