• Thank You & See You in Adelaide in 2015!

    The 2014 ACERE Conference has concluded with a lively closing panel attended by delegates from more than 30 countries, discussing and debating the future of entrepreneurship based on the presentations of more than 85 papers presented over 4 days of the Conference.

    The Doctoral Consortium and Paper Development Sessions have been noted as invaluable for participants, with the keynote presentation by Murray Gillin AM, a Conference highlight.

    The friendships forged at the Conference are always a valuable opportunity and the awards dinner and social networking evenings did not disappoint.

    It was announced at the gala dinner that the 2015 ACERE Conference would be held in Adelaide, South Australia, from the 3rd to 6th February at The University of Adelaide.

    Proceedings are now available to delegates of the 2014 Conference and we look forward to an exciting year of planning for 2015.  Information relating to the call for papers and registration details will be available soon.

    Until then, keep up to date by subscribing to ACERE.


  • 2014 ACERE Conference is well underway!

    The 2014 ACERE Conference is well underway, with thanks to UNSW and The Australian School of Business, delegates have enjoyed uninterrupted views, a wide open space for collaboration and idea generation.

    This morning’s welcome by Per Davidsson inspired delegates to take advantage of the developmental opportunities forthcoming at the Conference. A special entrepreneurship presentation by Emeritus Professor Murray Gillin was informative, and demonstrated the growth of the conference over the past 10 years, and entrepreneurial research in Australia and New Zealand.  Emeritus Professor Gillin’s speech can be read here.

    The PDS pitching and paper development sessions have been well received, with delegates continuing discussion and debate around the watering hole.







    Coming in to day 2, delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a specially designed workshop by Suresh Kumar – Founder & Executive Chairman, NexAge Technologies USA Inc.


    To read more about this workshop click here.   This workshop will feature a series of vignettes by expert entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers that showcases academic-practice bridging strategies that have worked. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with others who are eager to pursue tangible, productive projects and research and perhaps even join a community of practice that extends well beyond a few PDWs. We invite the participants to join our current and ongoing efforts to a vibrant international community around the idea of collaboration (http://gamechangenow.org/).

    This evening’s social networking function will be an excellent opportunity for delegates to socialise and further discuss and debate a wide variety of specialisations in the advancement of entrepreneurship in Australia and New Zealand.


    PRESENTING DELEGATES – BEFORE YOU READ ANY FURTHER…  Please review the following information

    PDS Participants

    If you have received confirmation of your participation in the Paper Development Sessions, please read the information on the website regarding preparation and your commitment.  This section of the website is password protected.  Participants have been sent the password and if you feel you should have received access to this page, please email acereconference@qut.edu.au with your request.

    Regular Paper Session Participants

    The exact time of your session appears in the program, which is posted on the website.  Please note the following in relation to preparation:

    • Prepare a regular, 20 minute presentation of your paper
    • If you use slides, bring it with you on a USB stick and where possible provide it to the registration staff on arrival.
    • Your presentation will be followed by time for questions and discussion, for a total of 30 minutes allotted to your paper.
    • If you presentation takes more than 20 minutes to present, you will not benefit from audience feedback.
    • Do your best to attend as many sessions as possible, even where you do not have a defined role.  You can contribute actively through questions and discussions in sessions as well as during social time.

    The 2014 ACERE Conference Program will be displayed at the registration desk, as well as throughout the venue.  The registration desk will be open daily and staff available to answer any questions.

    If you urgently require information that is not available on the website, please email acereconference@qut.edu.au with your request.


    ACERE 2014 Program & Handbook Now Available

    We are pleased to announce that the program for the 2014 ACERE Conference has now been finalised and is available on the website for download.

    We appreciate your understanding and patience while waiting for the program to be released and please rest assured that the delay was not due to any lack of awareness, effort or commitment on the part of the conference organizers.

    We have worked hard to provide a complete and correct program and due to unforeseen circumstance, a series of late cancellations have repeatedly forced us to hold back and reschedule, just as we thought we were ready to release the program. We appreciate your understanding and sincerely hope the program you receive here will not require further alterations.

    With 63 regular paper sessions, 22 paper development sessions, the Doctoral Consortium and 3 exciting social events, the 2014 ACERE Conference will be an engaging, exciting and thought provoking 4 days of entrepreneurship research exchange.

    While we don’t envisage any further changes to the program, please bookmark the 2014 ACERE Conference Program page on your mobile device, to ensure you stay up to date during the Conference.


    The 2014 ACERE Conference is being held at UNSW Australia, Australian Business School.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our venue sponsor, UNSW Australia for providing excellent facilities on campus to deliver the 2014 ACERE Conference, in the idyllic location of Sydney, Australia and a stone’s throw from the world famous Coogee Beach.

    UNSW also provides a helpful app “Lost on Campus” which will assist you to find where you need to be, in case you get well, lost on campus.  The app can be download for both Apple and android devices.  Search for “UNSW Uni-Verse” in your app store to download.


    Please consider setting up eduroam prior to departing your home campus.  All academics have access to eduroam and you are certainly more than welcome to use it at UNSW.  Remember to set up your access before departing.

    As a registered and paid delegate to the 2014 ACERE Conference, you will receive an email from UNSW IT Department, providing you with a user name and password.  For information on how to access the internet while on campus, please visit the Wi-Fi information page.


    An exceptional line up of panellists are confirmed for the 2014 ACERE Conference including Dean Shepherd, Joe Cheng, Per Davidsson and Frederic Delmar all highly qualified Reviewer-Chairs for the “Professional Development Sessions” that are planned. In addition Suresh Kumar, Founder & Executive Chairman, NexAge Technologies USA Inc has organised a special workshop on “Bridging the Divides between Academics, Practice, and Policy in Entrepreneurship”.

    Our Panellists will serve as reviewers (in writing) and face-to-face discussants/chairs of the papers selected for ACERE “Paper Development Sessions” with all having extensive publishing, reviewing, editorship and mentoring experience at the highest level.

    Regrettably, Alain Fayolle has had to withdraw his participation in the conference due to an unforeseen family emergency. Alain profusely apologises – and so do we with him – for any disappointment this may cause. Due to the short notice of his withdrawal, it is impossible for us to make alternative arrangements for the workshop on “The Future of Entrepreneurship Education” that he was scheduled to present. We deeply regret this however, there will be two regular sessions on the topic of Entrepreneurship Education, and so the topic will still be well catered for.

    On a personal note, we are painfully aware that this is not the only cancellation from the Conference of an advertised key person. We fully understand that this may have disappointed participants who were looking forward to hearing or interacting with a particular, advertised key person. However, we are sure that with Dean Shepherd (JBV editor and a top published and –cited author in the field) as Keynote speaker, and Frederic Delmar, Joe Cheng, Suresh Kumar and Per Davidsson among the Panellists and Paper Development Session Chairs, we have as strong a set of key contributors as any preceding conference in the series.


    We are delighted to announce that we have a special guest joining us for the Conference welcome.  Emeritus Professor (SUT) L Murray Gillin AM, Adjunct Professor (ECIC) University of Adelaide, will be celebrating 10 years of participation with the ACERE Conference and will present a special welcome on the “Historical Perspective on AGSE-ERE/ACERE Entrepreneurship Research Exchange Conference and its Antecedents”.

    Founding Chairman of the AGSE Entrepreneurship Research Conference 2004-2009 (now called ACERE), Professor Gillin’s career has spanned over 50 years where he worked in the fields of defence science and technology as an Engineer, Research Scientist and as Defence Research Attache in the Australian Embassy Washington, USA.; and in education as Dean of Engineering, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Industry/Academic Liaison) and Director Australian Graduate School of Entrepreneurship at Swinburne University of Technology. He has special interests in wealth creation from engineering and innovation (is Past President of the Institution of Engineers, Australia), in work integrated learning (is Past-President of the World Association for Co-operative Education), and in entrepreneurship education and research (was).


    As we reach our destination and prepare to come together for an exciting research exchange on entrepreneurship, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our contributors, reviewers, advisers and participants, for consistently delivering outstanding contributions.

    The 2014 ACERE Conference will no doubt be a lively exchange, and a wonderful opportunity to spend time with colleagues alike.  I look forward to welcoming you to Sydney.

    Best Regards,

    Per Davidsson

    Professor | Director & Talbot Family Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) | QUT Business School (Management)

  • Program & Schedule Available Now

    We are aware that the full ACERE 2014 Program has been released later than some of you would have wished and expected. Please rest assured that this is not due to any lack of awareness, effort or commitment on the part of the conference organizers. We have worked hard to provide a complete and correct program. However, a series of late cancellations and other unforeseen circumstances have repeatedly forced us to hold back and reschedule just as we thought we were ready to release the program. We appreciate your understanding and sincerely hope the program you receive here will not require further alterations.

    Full details of the Regular Paper Session are available here.

    Click here for full details of the PDS Pitching Program and the  PDS 40 minute Workshop Program.  Copies of these programs will be available for you at the registration desk.

    Copies of the ACERE 2014 Program will also be available in the handbook.




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